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Checked out something awesome from the library? Return it to the Awesome Box.

What is the Awesome Box?

It's an alternate returns box that sits alongside your library's regular book drop.

If you are returning an item that you really connected with, drop it in the Awesome Box instead of the regular book drop. Library staff will tag it as Awesome and share it with your library community.

We can get your Awesome Box online

An account with us allows you to share items on the Web.

  • Web hosting for your Awesome Page
  • A widget for your library to plug into its website
  • An RSS Feed
  • Automatic Tweeting of awesome items
  • An API for displaying items in any way you want

Your library chooses the pieces that work best.

It is easy to get Awesome

You create a physical box and determine how the Awesome Box will fit into your library. We provide you with ways to get started including a nice sign kit and other promotional materials.

The details are up to your library and we're here to help.

Many awesome libraries

There are over 120 Awesome Boxes in the United States. They're in public libraries, school libraries, and academic libraries.

Awesome Network

When we mix our Awesome data together we leverage the power of the Awesome Network to get things like top 10 lists.

Of all the items dropped in all of the Awesome Boxes, these are the most awesome of all.

2Gone girl23
3Ready player one22
4Life after life22
6The book thief20
7Eleanor & Park19
8And the mountains echoed19
9The fault in our stars18
10The ocean at the end of the lane17
1Willems, Mo.59
2Riordan, Rick.50
3Collins, Suzanne.45
4Osborne, Mary Pope.42
5Patterson, James40
6Rowling, J. K.37
7Rowell, Rainbow.34
8Roth, Veronica.33
9Hosseini, Khaled.30
10Green, John29

Free to all

Like the greatest public libraries, the Awesome Box is free to all.

We are generously supported by the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, the Harvard Library Lab, and the Arcadia Fund.

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